Converts from wtv to mp4 fail

I’ve been using the mp4 unprocessed profile because I want MCEBuddy to simply scan the video for commercials, create an edl, convert the name to a Plex acceptable format and change the wrapper from .wtv to .mp4.
This used to work. Now, it does everything but output an mp4 file. It remains wtv.
The logs appear to show the correct profile is being used.
So, what am I doing wrong?

Log file?

Oops. My bad. Here you go.
American Greed_CNBCHD_2023_02_28_21_58_00.wtv-Fileflows-2023-02-28T23-16-08.log (538.1 KB)
20-20_WABCDT_2023_02_24_20_58_00.wtv-Fileflows-2023-02-26T14-04-20.log (713.1 KB)

You’ve enabled the Rename without converting option in the conversion task settings

Rename Only → True

Disable that option to execute the profile actions.

Will give it a shot. Thanks in advance.