MCEBuddy goes through process but doesn't output file

So pretty much what the title says. It goes through the process but there is no output file and the history shows there was an error. I’ve attached a log where it’s happening. Seems to be the same issue for both.

Thanks in advance.
Australian Survivor TEN HD 13 2018-09-10 19.30 (edited).ts-Convert to MP4-2018-09-11T18-30-23.7474230 10-00.log (1.1 MB)

The free version doesn’t come with support.

It looks like from the logs that the conversion is failing due to an error in the file or ffmpeg is having an issue processing it.

The premium version has over 800 enhancements and bug fixes vs the free version. If you’re still facing an issue with the premium version do post back with your logs.