Very Slow Conversion (5+ Hours)


I am a newbie to using MCEBuddy. I record OTA shows and some movies using Windows Media Center. I am mainly recording HD shows from the major networks (CBA, ABC, NBC, FOX). I also record some older movies broadcast in SD.

I am using MCEBuddy to convert the recordings to MP4 for use with PLEX and to copy to my iPad for offline watching. My conversion times seem very long (5+ hours). I am not savvy enough to determine if this is due to a limitation of my computer or if my settings are not tweaked enough. I use the premium access version of MCEBuddy and the donator version of ComSkip to remove commercials. My PC processor is a Pentium 2.5 GHZ with 4 GB memory running on a 64GB system with Windows 7 Professional .

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to post this. Logs for 2 shows are attached.

Marvel’s Inhumans_WFAAD_2017_09_29_18_59_00.wtv-Plex Convert to MP4-2017-10-06T12-46-43.1125406-05-00.log (6.2 MB)
NCIS- Los Angeles_KTVTD_2017_10_01_20_30_00.wtv-Plex Convert to MP4-2017-10-08T04-44-48.2257218-05-00.log (3.7 MB)

Switch to using the MP4 Normal profile and you should see a significant improvement. You don’t need the high quality profile