MCEBuddy Service is unavailable error on pc startup

I am now getting “MCEBuddy Service is unavailable. Please start from windows control panel or check engine connection.” immediately upon restarting my computer.

Services shows that it is running:

Event log shows the following:

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for those screenshots. What version are you running?

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Can you attach your mcebuddy.conf file also

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11_20_2017 , 8_22_30 PM

mcebuddy.conf (3.4 KB)

Thanks for the help, had it running on Friday and noticed nothing had transcoded from Sunday night

*I find screenshots the best way to communicate since then I do not mistype something or phrase wrong.

Your mcebuddy.conf file is corrupted. I can’t open it with notepad or any editor. That’s the issue. You may need to do a clean re install or look for the backup mcebuddy.conf file and see if that’s corrupted or not.

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I have this available from 11.12.2017 but if all my settings are going to be lost might as well do a fresh install: mcebuddy.conf (3.4 KB)

Which you think is the better route?

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You can use this, I don’t see any issues since it’s a newer conf it should work fine. Just verify all your settings.

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Thanks so much for the quick help. I really appreciate this.

"Please start from widows control panel or check engine connection"
I fixed this problem today and I’m absolutely not a computer guru. First download this FREE software called “HiBit Uninstaller” then just run the program to delete ALL of the MCEBuddy software from your computer. It works great and fast. When that is complete just go and download the latest version of MCEBuddy and install it and it should work like a charm. Good Luck!