Service is unavailable

Clean install, turned off firewall, Neither resolved the error message.

You may have an antivirus which is blocking the ports. Is the MCEBuddy service running? If so then check the windows logs - open the MCEBuddy gui and click on the event logs link on the top right to see what may be going on.

Yes, the MCEBuddy service is running. I checked the events log and didn’t see many error messages although I am not exactly certain what I am looking for. I tried to stop the antivirus service but oddly could not find a way to easily do it.

If the service is running and you don’t see any errors in the event logs then it’s some software (like firewall or antivirus) which blocking the ports and preventing the service from communicating with the GUI.

You can post any errors you see from the event logs here.

Try to start the MCEBuddy command line engine from the Start Menu and see that makes any difference.

I just did another uninstall/reinstall. The only error message I get is this:

Error 8-May-2024 8:29 PM
Unable to delete installation directory. Error:System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘MCEBuddy.Globals.dll’ is denied.
at System.IO.Directory.DeleteHelper(String fullPath, String userPath, Boolean recursive, Boolean throwOnTopLevelDirectoryNotFound, WIN32_FIND_DATA& data)
at System.IO.Directory.Delete(String fullPath, String userPath, Boolean recursive, Boolean checkHost)
at MCEBuddy.Service.ProjectInstaller.DeleteDirectory(String dirPath)

Looks like your fileystem has a permission problem which may be the issue. Try installing to a different drive or folder.

You may also benefit from doing a complete level 5 check disk on your fileystem.

I did a reinstall on a different drive and performed a chkdsk /r command on both drives. I also uninstalled my security software. None of these actions resolved the problem and I still receive the “service is unavailable” message. The service is running but doesn’t seem to connect to the interface.

I uninstalled the software and tried re-installing it on a laptop. The same “service is unavailable” error message occurred on its first run.

We had a similar issue in this post. Look through it and see if anything helps.