Problem with app stopping on Windows

I’ve had a problem with the app stopping. I will go to look to see if a conversion had started and will see a notification that says MCEBuddy has stopped. It’s not due to the computer going to sleep. I think I’ve gotten all those settings, and I saw the notification change to Stopped while I was looking at it. I’m new to MCEBuddy and also new to PCs. I was a PC guy for years but switched to Apple over ten years ago. this mini PC was purchased for the sole purpose of running MCEbuddy and hosting my Plex server.

Any help would be appreciated.

Attach your MCEBuddy.log file and the conversion log file. If you open them you’ll see why the conversion stopped toward the end of the log file. It logs any errors which it encounters.

You can also click on the History link on the MCEBuddy app which shows you the history of all conversions and details of any errors encountered.

I don’t have any failed conversion logs. Conversions don’t start because the app is stopped.

mcebuddy.log (591.1 KB)


Click the Start button…

I’ve had to do that every time I check on the app. Files would have been added to the folder, but the conversion doesn’t start because the app is stopped. I thought the conversion should start automatically when a new file is detected.

I’ve seen it switch from Idle to Stopped.

I have a few recordings scheduled for tonight and the app status is currently idle. I’ll see if the conversions are triggered.

All apps converted last night and the app still shows as idle. :+1:

It has to be started for the engine to monitor files. When it’s stopped it means you don’t want it to do anything.

Idle means it doesn’t find any files that match the configuration you’ve setup. For more details you need to attach the MCEBuddy.log file as it will tell you what’s going on.

It could any number of issues from an invalid configuration, files are locked or inaccessible, network credentials invalid - the log file will show. Scroll to the bottom and search for a filename you think it should be converting and see the message of why it not converting.