MCEBuddy not working as it should

I’ve been using MCEBuddy for years and have had very little errors that I can’t fix myself until now. I am not quite sure what is going on now. But I am needing a little more help from a more experienced user. I’ll paste my mcebuddy.log file to get started. I stopped the conversion progress when it finished one file and was on it’s way to the next file in the list. I needed to restart my laptop to finish some updates from other programs. After the restart, it no longer wants to convert anything. I hope this log file can help to figure out the issue. I did an uninstall of mcebuddy 2.5.8 and a reinstall of mcebuddy 2.5.8.

Thanks for any and al help,
-Donald :slight_smile:
mcebuddy.log (61.7 KB)

I’m not seeing any errors in the logs so my suspicion is that this monitor location path is not accessible. Try starting the engine from the start menu as this will start the engine in the user login rather than system login
Search Path -> \\TIBERIUMSERVER\ChannelsDVR


I’ve tried restarting mcebuddy using the services manager. And still nothing. And I have checked that the user is assigned proper privileges’ to access the shared folders on my nas. Here is my log file after restarting:
mcebuddy.log (123.7 KB)

It may take me a day or so to reply back as I work 2 full time jobs.

Thanks for the help,

The engine is still running as a service and not from the command line (start menu)

INFORMATION> → MCEBuddy Running as Service : True

The only other thing I can think of us that the network share isn’t returning any files in the directory listing.

Try adding a local folder to the monitor location and if that works then it’s the network share that’s having a problem

Just wanted to come back and say that my MCEBuddy is now working. I did not do anything to make it work… I just left my laptop off for the last 3 weeks, turned it on, opened MCEBuddy and it started working again. :slight_smile: