How to autostart MCEbuddy

How to get MCEbuddy to autostart on booting W10

Can you clarify what you mean by autostart? There is a service that is setup to automatically delay start and if the last state of mcebuddy was running it should pickup and process any pending files (assuming you don’t also have start/stop times specified in the mcebuddy system settings).

What I meant was that upon reboot of my system MCEbuddy does not appear to be running. In other words I have files to be processed when I boot up but they do not get processed until I click on MCEbuddy and add the files to the GUI. Then is works properly. Also if it was running the little icon should be down on the taskbar with the other programs that are there after starting the computer and it is not there.

The icon won’t show anymore unless you launch the GUI. The Windows service should be running though. There could be a couple of reason it’s not processing files that you expect it to.

  1. It thinks the files have already been converted. Look at the history and see if it is listed. If it is listed by default it will not re-convert the file.
  2. The monitor location might have a search pattern specified that is preventing the file from being picked up.

Check the mcebuddy.log file for more information on why files may not be getting picked up for processing. If it is a matter that they have already been converted then you just need to go into the Show History, select the file(s) and click the Reconvert Files button.

Hope that helps.

I am attaching the log file and another file containing images of the TASK MANAGER/services and startup tabs. The PROCESS tab indicates that MCEbuddy.service is running. I will schedule a recording for later to see if it gets picked up. My question for now is:With the info supplied do say that it is running correctly and should pick up the next scheduled file witout opening the GUI?
mcebuddy.log (156.0 KB)
Untitled 1.pdf (168.4 KB)

Assuming that your scheduled recording it output to C:\Users\bass_\Videos\Captures and you have set appropriate credentials for the task to output to \NSA310\video\TV\Converted and a previous conversion did not take place with a file of the same name then it should fully work without launching the GUI. If the file is skipped for any reason it will state as such in the mcebuddy.log file.

Not sure what the problem was in the past but all worked perfectly today.