I just recently purchased the premium version. I have it set up where after my Tablo get done recording a program, MCEBuddy was set up to monitor the folder Tablo recorded to after one minute but it doesnt start on its own. Once I open up MCEBuddy it will automatically scan and find the content. Does the MCEBuddy have to be open and running all the time to find content in this folder or should it find it with the program closed? I am a little apprehensive of leaving the MCEBuddy program running all the time as that uses unnecessay system resources.

I’m fairly certain MCEBuddy will have to be open for it to monitor your folders. I leave mine running 24/7 but I manually add my files because I want them deleted after converted and I check them before I run them through MCEBuddy.

I would also assume you have to hit the start button and leave it on even though no conversions are being processed that way it starts automatically once your recorded program is added to the que.

No it doesn’t. The GUI app is just a user interface to configure the engine and show it’s current status.

The engine is a windows service that runs in the background. It doesn’t consume any resources when it’s stopped and uses very minimal resources when it’s idle (i.e. monitoring and waiting for conversions to start). The only time it consumes resources (CPU, GPU and dial I/O) is when it’s converting a file. You can limit the resources used by the engine by reducing the priority or even limiting the number of CPU’s it can use from the user interface system settings page.

You can disable the windows service engine and instead run it as a command line engine from the start menu. In this mode it’s will monitor and convert files only as long as the command line engine window is running, but this defeats a key feature of MCEBuddy to run silently in the background whether you’re logged in or not and doing it job without any intervention. But like I said it’s flexible enough to run both ways.

Ok, thanks for the reply. As noted I have configured MCEBuddy to monitor a folder when new videos are created and after 1minute. MCEBuddy will not start a conversion when there is a new video as long as the user interface is closed. If I leave the interface open, as noted by Ronstang, then it will find the video and convert. If its suppose to run in the background how can I get this to work properly then? Several times I had the interface closed, videos were created in the folder it monitors and several hours later I come back and nothing has been converted.

Did you click Stop before closing the window? Click Start and then close the window.