Unable to add new files (read only)

My MCEBuddy use to work great but all of the sudden the last couple of weeks I am unable to add new files to the queue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked for one night but now it is not working again.

mcebuddy.log (279.8 KB)

Hmm this is interesting. I don’t see more specifics in the logs. It could be something with the recording. Can you upload the original to our server for analysis using the instructions here

I think I managed to get it working. Somehow the folder the files were in switched to “read only”. The files themselves were not labeled as “read only”. Switching that seems to have fixed it so far. Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for reporting this issue. There was an condition when conversions would fail to process when trying to copy a read-only file to the temp folder. This has been in today’s 2.5.8 beta build. Feel free to try it out.