Rename "Reconvert files" button in 'Show History' so it better reflects what it can affect

MCEBuddy 2.6.3, Win11
Summary of the suggestion:
I use PlayOnHome. Every 20-30 files, one MP4 will corrupt. In MCEBuddy ‘Show History,’ it shows ‘Conversion Status’ = ‘Error.’ What I do is delete the error MP4, re-record is using PlayOnHome. When it’s recorded, I need to use MCEBuddy to ‘+Add’ to file because MCEBuddy says it’s already in History. My request is: On one file in History, right-click the error file and ‘Delete File’ so MCEBuddy will reconvert it when it’s re-recorded.

The Reconvert files button on the Show History window does exactly that. Basically, it removes it from history so that if a file with the same name shows up in monitor location it will pick it up and convert it. So, once you delete the bad file and redownload it, just go into history, select that file and click the Reconvert files button. Bingo bango! Or, see that it errors, delete the original from monitor location, click the Reconvert files from history and redownload. It will pick it up automagically.

I thought this button did everything. I just tried it with one file, and it worked for one file. Delete my suggestion.

No worries, the wording would seem to indicate that it might do the whole queue. Maybe rewording it to Reconvert file(s) would be more indicative to the level in which it can affect the history.

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Reconvert file(s) ← I like this change.

Thank you for the suggestion, it’s been fixed in todays 2.6.4 beta version

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