How MCEBuddy determines I already did that?

I had a video in MCE Buddy that I converted. I redownloaded a larger version of the file and when I was done, the file was gone, Even though I deleted all the old files, looks like MCEBuddy determines it already converted a file based on the destination name, and not the source. So if I have these two files:

Dancing with the Stars S23 E11.mkv

Dancing with the Stars 720p S23 E11.mkv

It will convert both it looks like it will process and post the first one, but the second one it will disregard and remove. Is that accurate?



Depends on how you’ve configured MCEBuddy. It’s very flexible.

All processes filenames (source and destination) are saved in the history file and can be accessed from the History button on the main page.

By default it tracks source file names / paths and once processed it won’t reprocess the same filename and path until it is deleted from this History file.

In the conversion task -> Expert settings page there are a few additional options which can tell MCEBuddy to not process a file if the destination filename already exists or another option which tell it to look at the history file and skip processing if the expected destination file matches the destination filename from the history file. (i.e. skip repeocessing)