How to delete files when they exist in destination directory

Situation - I have many duplicate recordings created and I’d like to only convert one and delete any future files.
I ‘think’ I can accomplish this if I unselect “skip reconverting file” and unselect “do not overwrite”. In other words each file will process and then overwrite in the destination.
However, I’d prefer to just delete the file when MCEBuddy identifies that the filename exists in destination directory, to eliminate having to continually reprocess the files.
It appears that skipped files are not seen as ‘failed’ (i.e. I’d move them in settings), but are not deleted with the other ‘successful’ convertions.

Is there a way to accomplish this without reconverting solely to delete the file?

If you’ve enabled Skip reconversion then it will treat skipped files as a successful conversion. If you’re also got Delete original checked in your Monitor location settings then it’ll delete the original file automatically (if no other conversion tasks are processing that file).

We would need your conversion logs and mcebuddy.log files to see what’s going on.