Encoding Fails immediately with "Unhandled Error during conversion"

Hi all,

I just upgraded MCEBuddy to the latest premium version (June 27) - ever since then, my new conversion fails with the above error.

Link to log file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AipRNNbyPsCgnfRGnNOWepzog6ePBQ

Thanks! Will.

Check your profile.

You’re either missing the <encoder>-ext= parameter or the order= parameter. For each encoder in the order you require a ext parameter.

See this:

it’s the same profile it’s always been, but I’ll look. Thanks! Will.

There hasn’t been change to this part of the code for a very long time, tracing the error from your logs it showed that MCEBuddy lost it when trying to read the tool order and extension for each tool from the profile. It could be a corruption of the file while reinstalling.

A HA! it’s not the same - it’s the standard one from the new install. Thanks!

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The ideal thing would be to point MCEBuddy to the custom profiles.conf instead of modifying the stock one. That way the settings are carried over on each upgrade and you don’t need to modify your files each time.

Great - I’ll do that. Thanks!

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