Disabling Scrolling Message

On the MCEBuddy 2.4.7 window I have a continuously scrolling message about a beta version and support forum.

How do I disable this scrolling, it gives me a headache and is always distracting to me. There is no point to the scrolling message. It does not contain any new information, it just scrolls day after day. I would rather have no information than a continuously scrolling or flashing message.

Ideally if a new stable version is available I would like some notification but not a monotonous constantly scrolling distraction that contains no new information.

Thanks, Craig

Thanks for the feedback. There is not way to stop it unfortunately. You can temporarily disable it by delete the MCEBuddy version file in your windows public folder or by updating to the latest BETA version.

In the next release we will patch it to only show this for stable releases and beta updates for folks using the beta version.