Credential warning popup

I often drag files to be converted into MCEBuddy. This causes a ‘Credential Warning’ popup that warns me it’s going to use the credentials saved in MCEbuddy and not my current credentials to access network locations. It does this every single time. Is there a way to suppress this warning? Am I missing some credentials somewhere? everything works exactly as I’d expect, but I have to click ok on that warning.

EDIT: Also, instead of popping up where the MCE window is, the monitor I’m working on, it always pops up on monitor 1.

Thanks for reporting this, I can see how this can be annoying. It has been addressed in today’s 2.5.8 BETA build.

Now MCEBuddy will show the warning just once per unique network path when adding a file manually (either via the add button or by dragging and dropping). The warnings will be reset automatically when the status window is closed or minimized.

We’re not able to replicate the issue related to the monitor; tried it on 3 monitor setup and it’s working as expected.

That is much better! Thanks!