Connection reminder disable?

Any way to get rid of the connection reminder that pops up every time I change settings or manually add a video to be processed? In “Network Connection User Credentials” I have a username & password populated but no domain name is used.


Nobody gets this but me, or does everyone use a domain name?

Domain names are optional, anyone using a network share will always get this reminder a safety.
Over time we have seen folks change network passwords, names, permissions and forget to change them in MCEBuddy so by design MCEBuddy will ways remind you to check your username/password when it detects a network path being used.

Safety? It’s not quite on the level as video surveillance software or battery backup. It’s just a commercial remover. So we are stuck with a nuisance popup for the few who don’t understand networking well? Given this software takes substantial tuning it’s not like the pop-up isn’t encountered very often. Disappointing solution to the problem.

Feel free to open a feature request and other feel the same way they can vote for it which will give it higher priority to find an alternative way to address it.

The meanwhile it’s literally as easy as press Enter twice to dismiss the pop up.

And a mouse click in the password field so it accepts the OK button. I’ve done this perhaps 100x in the last week. Thanks, I’ll submit a FQ.

You don’t need a mouse click.
So when you go to click on Ok, it’ll detect that you have a network path in your settings and present you with a pop up for confirm your credentials like you posted in your first post. Just press Enter twice and you’re done.

You are correct, per version 2.5b. I presume it was different in prior version.

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