Can drag/drop from local drive but not from mapped drive

XP>Win10 migration ignorance maybe but I can’t figure it out. Where does MceBuddy get a password to username Mark? I changed the password on the Nas share folder so NextPvr would work, now MceBuddy doesn’t. I can see files in these folders with Explorer and can get to them by mapped drive, hostname, or samba syntax. I have a user/pw on this box that matches the user/pw in the Nas so…

ERROR> --> Unable to connect to network location \qNas\Recordings
Domain name:
Return code is 1326
The user name or password is incorrect

In the domain name field put the name of the NAS device. Otherwise I believe it thinks to use the local workstation as the domain name by default.

Mapped drives only exits in the user login. MCEBuddy engine runs in the system space (no user) hence the mapped drives don’t exist there. From the FAQ

Didn’t think of domain name issue, I’ll look into. I resolved by changing mcebuddy service “log on” from “local system” to “this account” having a matching account (user/pw) on both nas & pc.