Can't access NAS Need Help

Hello I am at a loss and cant figure this out i am trying to run MCEbuddy on a pc. The monitored location is a nas that has plex running on it with a HD HomeRun prime for the recordings. i have tried everything that was detailed on the fourms. but just cant get this to move the files back to the Nas after the conversion. any help would be awesome.

The log file doesn’t load for me.

At the risk of checking the obvious, have you put in network credentials in settings? The app and the service operate under two different user contexts, so you need to provide it NAS login credentials. Are you invoking MCEBuddy via a postprocessing script?

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From the log file I see:

ERROR> --> Unable to move file C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\working0\America’s Got Talent (2006) - S13E25 - The Champions One.mkv to \KICKIT\Media\Tv\Tv§\America’s Got Talent (2006)\Season 13
Error :System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied.

It means that the engine isn’t able to write to the destination folder. I see that you’ve defined a username and password for the network share in your monitor location (as mentioned by @Will_Tschumy), so I’m going to guess that that username doesn’t have write access (it can read) to the destination NAS path.

Keep in mind that this has to be set at two levels, first is the NAS sharing permissions must provide write access to the user and the NAS filesystem (eg NTFS) also must provide write access to the user.

You can also check this topic of other reasons like the NAS time being out of sync with the PC etc.