Newbie Help on Networked Folders

Hope someone can help. I’ve read the documentation on Network drive access but amm utterly confused by it.
Ihave ChannelsDVR set to record to a folder on my NAS called Recordings. I understand I cant run MCEBuddy on the NASso on my win 10 desktop I am trying to set up MCEBuddy to access the Recordings folder to monitor. I have input the credentials for access to the network folder but when I click Start nothing happens. Im confused by the instructions on Local System namely
" 1. When MCEBuddy is running as a LocalSystem service, to access network shares that have usernames and passwords you need to enter the username and password for each share separately in MCEBuddy. Use a fully qualified network path in MCEBuddy like \\<machine or IP Address>\<share name> and enter the username and password credentials for that path in MCEBuddy by clicking on the credentials (UserCredentials ) icon next to the path. Do not use your mapped drives (e.g. Z:) since they don’t exist outside your user login session.

I havent used mapped drives to point MCEBuddy at although they are mapped to the win10 PC. Can someone please expain what I’m doing wrong I dont understand why when I enter the l9ocation in MCEBuddy and then enter the NAS login credentials nothing works.

Take a look at the mcebuddy.log and attach it if you need more help. I find the log has pretty good messaging (once you find it) regarding these type of issues.

I too had a similar issue with my QNAP TS-45+ NAS I recently setup and I resolved my issue by verifying all share information on the NAS. Be sure to include Windows networking and allow Windows to be the security check not the NAS system. Go to each folder and verify they are shared on the NAS and lastly, I set mine to be shared by everyone on my local network. Then in MCEBuddy, I just put in “Guest” as user and left password blank. I did this for the location where it finds the files NASName>ChannelsDVR>TV, and the folder it redirects the files to in a Plex directory on the NAS called “DVR Recordings” at NASName>PlexMedia>DVRRecordings. You may find if like me, you have to play with the network settings on the NAS to fine tune the settings by verifying your shared folder settings, user settings and group settings. As long as they are all set right, this should work. I didn’t want password protection on my shared folders because I wanted to be able to go to any computer in the house to clean out the recordings folder from Channels DVR. It keeps some files that need purging periodically and this just makes it easier for me to maintain that folder.