Comskip - how to add CLI options

I’m using the latest comskip donator version that has GPU command line options that don’t exist in the donator version included in MCEBuddy.

I know I can configure the location of my custom comskip folder, but I don’t see where I can ensure that the new CLI options get invoked because they are not configuration file settings. They can only be invoked via the command line as arguments. e.g. -cuvid, -vdpau. Only hwassist is exposed as a setting in the .ini config file (and ComskipGUI).

@Goose There doesn’t seem to be a way to pass in extra CLI arguments when invoking a custom Comskip. Can we get an extra text field underneath the “Comskip Path” field? Call it “Comskip Options”? e.g. --cuvid or --vdpau if we’re using our own comskip donator version.

Also, Please rename the field below “Custom profile” to “Custom MCEBuddy profile”. It is confusing because a custom Comskip “profile” is an .ini file, not a .conf file. So this refers to MCEBuddy’s configuration file, not the Comskip configuration file immediately above it.

I don’t know if there is a request (yet) for specifying a custom Comskip .ini file, but the prompts/layout is a little misleading the way it is now.

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Feel free to open a feature request for Comskip CLI customization

Done. Changed title and category to a request.

Added and fixed in 2.6.1 release build

Conversion task → Expert settings → Comskip options

NOTE: Setting an incorrect parameter here will cause Comskip and the conversion to fail!

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Tested and seems to be working (comskip is my custom comskip and it is passing/invoking the options).