How to install a custom Comskip and get additional INI files

Starting version 2.6.4 MCEBuddy now includes a custom donator build of Comskip with 8K hardware acceleration and support for native decoding of additional file formats (including MPEG2, H.264, HEVC, AV1, VP8, VP9 etc).

Also see additional information about enabling Comskip hardware acceleration and benchmarks.

Please continue to support the Comskip team for their work at

Also Check out the Channel / Country specific Comskip INI’s created by our community users here

These instructions apply if you want to install/use a custom version of Comskip.

These instructions apply to the Premium Access version of MCEBuddy. Use the following procedure to setup MCEBuddy to use an alternative version Comskip:


  1. Extract ALL the Comskip files (including .INI and all other files) from the Comskip zip archive into a directory (e.g. C:\Comskip)
  2. Open MCEBuddy Settings → General Settings → System Settings
  3. Click on the next to Comskip path
  4. Select the comskip.exe from your Comskip directory e.g. C:\Comskip\comskip.exe
  5. Click Ok

NOTE: If you don’t extract ALL the files comskip will not work. It needs all the files included in the zip archive.

It is preferable to follow OPTION 1 instructions, these settings will be preserved/carried over when you upgrade or reinstall MCEBuddy


Alternative you can extract all the files from the Comskip zip archive to the MCEBuddy Installation directory into the Comskip folder (replace all the files).

NOTE: With this option, when you upgrade MCEBuddy or reinstall MCEBuddy it will overwrite this folder with the default version of bundled Comskip.

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How can you tell if comskip is using Hardware acceleration. I have both MCEbuddy 2.4.8 and comskip82_003_donators i have enabled HW acc in the comskip.ini. I see no difference setting hardware_decode=0 or hardware_decode=1 in time usage and GPU-z does not show any activity on my Geforce 1070 card during comskip. But the re-encoding through MCEbuddy and FFmpeg runs fine using the h264_nvenc encoder.

Depends on many factors. Most importantly if your source video is not h.264 likely your performance gain will be negligible that you may not notice it.

To really tell you shouldn’t increase the Logging level of Comskip and see if it’s using hardware decoding.

Will this speed up the convert bit I need to convert some video files there only about 2 and 3gb

Hardware decoding only speeds up commercial detection. If you’re using the latest build of MCEBuddy 2.6.4 or newer then it has everything you need for hardware decoding to speed up commercial detection. See this topic for more details about it