Commercials not being detected

I use WMC on Windows 7 to record and view OTA TV. The commercials were getting annoying, so I turned to MCEBuddy. I tried the free version, but it doesn’t work correctly with WTV files in WMC. I decided to bite the bullet and spend $30 on the latest version as this article states it would work: WTV Profile FAQs and Common Issues.
Turns out, it doesn’t. The only information I could find on it is here:
Does anyone know any sort of workaround to remove commercials from WMC recorded OTA programming, and still be able to view them in WMC?

These are two separate topics, the 2.3.13 (free) version doesn’t support creating wtv files which has been fixed in the newer donator versions (i.e. WTV profiles are broken in the 2.3.13 version).

Not detection commercials is a Comskip configuration/tweaking issue. There could be multiple reasons for why commercials are being detected, some of which are:

  1. Comskip is crashing with corrupted/non compliant wtv files (a problem that was corrected recently in the latest 2.4.7 BETA builds)
  2. Comskip need to be tuned for your channel/show. Comskip INI’s tell comskip how to detect commercials. It works out of the box 99% of the times. For some channels/networks it needs to be tuned. There are detailed guides on the forum (here and Comskip) on how to tune Comskip INI’s and even some ready made customized INI’s for various countries/networks/channels contributed by the community that are available here.

Check out some of these resources on this category Commercial Removal and you can get custom comskip INIs’ created by the community here:

If you attach your conversion log file it we can take a look at and tell you why it isn’t detection commercials.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. For some reason I did not get a notification of your reply so I just now saw it.
I apologize for the confusion, my post was not very clear. I have gotten commercials to be correctly identified and removed. Furthermore, the paid version is creating a usable WTV file with one exception: fast forward and rewind do not work. Luckily, with commercials removed I have less need to fast forward and rewind, but it still is an inconvenience. Using a mouse to click on the seek bar does still work. Any ideas on fixing fast forward?

That’s a known limitation, ff/rw only work at 1x due to limitations of ffmpeg.