Commercial cutting adjustment

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2.4 32-bit
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W7 - 32 bit
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Some shows insert a quick program identifier into the commercial stream and the commercial extractor interprets the end of this insert as the end of commercials when in fact there are more to come and these are not extirpated. A good example is the first commercial break in the show Jeopardy! where partway through the first commercial break they identify the show being watched and that disappears after a couple of seconds, then commercials are resumed. These latter commercials are not being cut. I have noticed this tactic being used on other shows as well. Not a huge problem but an annoying one.
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The Conversion logs can be found in the MCEBuddy Installation directory under the Logs directory. You can also access the folder by clicking on the Logs button/link in MCEBuddy on the top right corner of the screen.

There are two types of logs, MCEBuddy.log (for engine problems) and an Individual log file for each conversion (for problems related to individual video files/conversions). Zip/Attach the appropriate log. Make sure your log settings are set to “Debug” in the MCEBuddy System Settings page.

If you need to upload a sample video file to replicate the bug follow the instructions here

This isn’t an MCEBuddy error rather a Comskip tuning (commercial detection tuning) issue.

Refer this post for details on how to tune Comskip to your channel needs.

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Previously I wasn’t aware just how comskip worked, or that it could be tuned, before delving into the finer points indicated by the post you directed me to. Once I did and looked back at a recorded show I noticed for the first time that the station logo is turned back on when that show’s ID segment is inserted in the middle of the commercial stream, and not turned off again when the second half of the commercials began. Let’s hope advertisers do not start demanding stations leave their logos visible throughout the commercial segments!

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