WTV, remove commercials, use subtitles, watch on xBox360 extender

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I have the donation versions of MCEBuddy and ComSkip.

I record TV and Movies in Windows Media Center on a Windows 7 x64 system. (HP Pavilion Elite Desktop running an Intel I7 930 @ 2.8Ghz, 24 GB Ram)

TV is recorded from Two SiliconDust HDHomeRun Primes from Frontier FIOS TV

I watch recordings on two XBox 360’s.

Goal is to do the following, automatically:

  1. Monitor the “Recorded TV” Folder for WTV files on the WMC PC.
  2. Move any New WTV files to another location on same Partition, not see by WMC
  3. Process WTV file using WTV Legacy Profile to:
    a. Remove Commercials using ComSkip
    b. Create Subtitle File (*.srt)
    c. Make Subtitle file available in WTV with commercials removed.
    d. Move WTV file to “Recorded TV processed” folder for processed WTV files
    e. Archive Original WTV file to “Recorded TV Archived” folder in case processed file has an issue

Issues I’ve seen using five X-Files Shows:
a. 1st minute or two of show is was treated as a ‘Commercial’ and removed from processed file along with the 1st Commercial
b. using instructions for using CCExtractor I end up with subtitles in the processed WTV file, but the text is random characters that don’t appear to be any known language.

In a nutshell, I would like to watch Commercial Free WTV files with Subtitles on my xBox 360 extenders. (I prefer to leave in WTV format as they show up in the “Recorded TV” section of MCE, I’m open to converting to other formats and watching under 'Videos" in MCE if it makes this easier.)

Any advice on the best way to achieve this would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

I’ve attempted to setup an automatic method to take a WTV recording

You can fix this by adjusting/tweaking your comskip ini file, tune it to be less aggressive. Lots of tips available here for turning ini files.

Try playing with the subtitle extraction option in the Expert Settings page using the field and channel options. Different countries/channels use different options and there’ no way to tell except to experiment.

If you want you can upload the original WTV file to our servers and we can try to play with the subtitle extraction as well to figure out what’s going on. See the Read Me before posting topic for details on how to upload the file