Comskip slower after upgrading MCEBuddy

I upgraded to 2.4.7 when it was released recently. I previously had version 2.4.6. I pretty much have default conversion settings, but I noticed after the upgrade that the whole comskip/conversion process is taking extremely longer. I compared the results for similar length video from before and after the upgrade and it is very noticeable. I reviewed the release notes, but didn’t see anything obvious. Nothing has changed in my setup and I don’t think I made any changes. What could be causing this issue?

Did you see this? After an upgrade it probably overwrote your donator version with the free version. See the instructions for a permanent fix

Yes, but I never purchased the donator version of comskip unless it was bundled with a previous MCEBUDDY version. So I didn’t think it applied…

Can you upload the original video to the mcebuddy server which is working faster with the old comskip? Also upload your conversion log so we can replicate the settings.

Comskip was updated with this version to fix some bugs. It’s possible the updated free version has some restrictions. You can try to download an older version from the comskip site and try it out

Ok. I uploaded a .wtv file under my username on the mcebuddy ftp server. It’s not the original file but a very similar type. The conversion log is there as well. For reference, I looked back at MCEBuddy history and with the old version the similar file took ~1:30 hrs whereas the new version it takes about ~10 hrs for a full length movie.

Just tested your file against the Comskip in 2.4.6 vs that in 2.4.7 and it runs at exactly the same speed about 25fps. That the default speed of the free version of Comskip for mpeg4 files. There is no change.

I guess there’s something changed in your configuration. If I were to guess I’d say you accidentally set your MCEBuddy priority to low. That’s the only thing that can cause that kind of slow down, either that or your file is heavily corrupted.

On a side note the donator version of Comskip ran at about 400fps on your file.

Ok well thanks for your help RBoy. I can’t think of anything I’ve changed but did the paid version of MCEBuddy once come with the paid version of Comskip?

No and like I said what you’re saying is slower than 24fps. Maybe some other process is taking up your CPU or limiting the processor to MCEBuddy. Your file is working at 24 here.

Ok so from what I’ve read here and elsewhere, I’m thinking the dramatic change I saw was a result of Comcast/Xfinity switching to h.264. I know they recently reorganized the channels. I read somewhere that Comskip runs much slower for h.264 vs mpeg-2. Some channels are still mpeg-2 and they will process extremely quick.

See my earlier post. The free version of Comskip limits h.264 speed to 24fps where as the donator version has no such restriction.