Comskip donator very very slow

Have been using MCEB 2.4.8 with the free version of comskip, converting files from HDHomeRun/Plex that are h.264 using MP4 unprocessed. These files normally take appx 5-6 minutes per pass and comskip.exe uses appx 80-85% of the CPU.
Decided to get the donator version of comskip 82.003 and now the appx time is 3.5 hours per pass and comskip.exe is only using appx 3% of the CPU. This is using the exact same file each time to process.
If I just remove comskip path from MCEB and return back to free comskip, processing time returns back to appx 5-6 minutes per pass.
I have also tried copying the free comskip.ini from MCEB to the donator comskip directory to see if that would help and it did not.

I think you may have it configured backwards. You’re probably downloaded and pointing mcebuddy to the free version. (if you attach your conversion log we can verify it) or you can search your logs for the words Comskip version either FREE or Donator. You can also run the Comskip from the command prompt and it’ll tell you if it’s the free or donator version.

You are 100% correct. I screwed up this morning and downloaded from the comskip public downloads and not the donator downloads. All fixed now.

It appears I had the donator version all along, it must come with the premium version of MCEB that I got a few years ago. Comskip donation was still well spent to help keep the lights on.


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