Using donator version of Comskip?

I have the donator version of comskip. I’m not sure if I’ve correctly set up MCE Buddy to use the donator version because I’m not noticing much difference in speed as compared to when the non-donator version was running. Would I be able to see which version is being used in the logs?

Here are the instructions to install the donator version:

You can open any of the conversion logs an look for Comskip, there you’ll find a the bottom where MCEbuddy identifies the version (free or donator).

–> Checking for donator version of Comskip

INFORMATION> --> Comskip version : FREE


INFORMATION> --> Comskip version : Donator

The speed increases will be significant if you’re using H.264 (MPEG4) or WTV files. For MPEG2 it’ll be small to modest depending on the codec configuration.

Thanks for the reply. It does look like the donator version of Comskip is in use.