Mcebuddy not cutting commercials with donator version of comskip

I read through the forums and couldn’t find any answers. I had comskip working at one time and I went and bought the paid version and followed the directions putting the program on the C drive and opening up MCEBUDDY and going to system setting and where it says Comskip path I located the exe on the C drive but it’s no longer working. I must be doing something wrong any help would be appreciated.


Attach the conversion log

Here you go Thanksmcebuddy.log (281.2 KB)

Attach your conversion log, where it converts the file but doesn’t detect commercials.

The other logs that are from the shows are all like 30 megs and won’t let me attach maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.I’m new to this program and I see logs on the main screen and thats what I clicked on.

You can zip them and attach them or upload them to the mcebuddy server.

Superstore S03E01 20170928 [20170929-0000].mpg-Convert to (794.1 KB)

You’re using an ancient version of Comskip Donator version:

2017-09-28T20:41:59 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Comskip --> Comskip 0.80.038, made using:

Update to the newer versions and it will work fine.

Thank’s for the support that worked

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