MCEBuddy 2.4.9 not doing comskip

Just built a PC with Windows 10 1809, Media Center 8.8.2 and paid for MCEBuddy2.4.9. Media Center records in E:\Recorded TV\x.wtv. MCEBuddy builds a Folder E:\Recorded TV for the conversion and converts to x.mp4 there but comskip does not appear to be called. Tried 6 different programs. None work. Help!

Attach the conversion log. It’ll show what’s going on or you can run through it to see what’s going on.

  1. At about 9:30 I Told WMC to record Dr. Phil @ 11-12 and CBS News at Noon at noon

  2. Came back and found pc asleep, woke it up and set power to not let it sleep.

  3. Have to start MCEBuddy…Shouldn’t it be running?

  4. Video Dr Phil shows in MCEBuddy that it has been paused i.e…Dr Phil… - Paused: Check conversion schedule

So I clicked Resume at 12:52! Don’t know how to check conversion schedule.

  1. At 13:10 it finished conversion of Dr. Phil & started CBS 5 News at Noon. It created a Dr. Phil folder in E:\Recorded TV. Th Dr. Phil log (I assume that is the conversion log you mentioned) shows thar Comskip is the DONATER version, but after that, no mention of Comskip.

Appreciate your help!

Dale Caron

Dr. Phil_KPHOHD_2019_03_11_09_58_00.wtv-Convert to MP4-2019-03-11T12-53-06.2188616-07-00.log (837 KB)

BTW< I am a long time MCEB user. My Living room TV has been running with Win 7 for many years. The thing that seems odd to me is the extra folders. Never saw that with the old MCEB.

From your logs:
Your Conversion Task settings is set to NOT use any any commercial removal so it won’t run Comskip:

Commercial Removal -> None

In your General Setting, you’ve defined a schedule, when outside the schedule MCEBuddy will pause the conversions:

Wake Hour -> -1
Wake Minute -> -1
Start Hour -> 17
Start Minute -> 1
Stop Hour -> 1
Stop Minute -> 1
Days of Week -> Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday

I found the real problem of no Comskip! Ad Remover was set to off!

Now I see MCEB IS removing ads and putting the .MP4 file in a folder under \Recorded TV\ folder. WMC doesn’t seem to see those folders and therefore does not show the file under Recorded TV. Therefore I can’t watch the shortened TV show!

  1. Do I really need conversion from .WTV files? Can’t I just do Comskip?
  2. If I do, how can I get WMC to see those folders

Thanks for your help thus far…it got me looking at the right stuff!

Depends on what profile you pick in your settings and the destination location. You can pick WTV Unprocessed if you want to retain the original video quality and format and leave the destination folder blank to keep the original location.

Thanks…all is fixed!