Windows 8 and Comskip 82-09

I am moving MCEBuddy to a new computer. I am using Windows 8. I changed Comskip path in MCEBuddy setup to D:\Comskip.Comskip works fine with the FREE version supplied with MCEBuddy. I want to get latest version of Comskip that works with Windows 8. I am a Donator- I log in and download and extract 082-09 (which believe is the latest version that works with Windows 8). But
commercials are not being removed. I search the log file and find

→ Process exited with code -1073741515
INFORMATION> → Comskip version : FREE

I deleted everything in D:\Comskip and tried again. Same issue.


See this:

Thanks for your reply.

I originally did follow the steps in Option 1. I extracted all files from the to D:\Comskip. Then I opened *MCEBuddy Settings → General Settings → System Settings and changed the path to D:\Comskip\Comskip.exe. So far, so good.

But then I completed one more step. I opened "MCEBuddy Settings->>Conversion tasks->double click-task->Advanced Settings->Expert Settings->Miscellaneous->Comskip INI. Changed path to D:\Comskip\comskip.ini. Once I removed this second step. All is working fine. Seems odd to me, since the comskip.ini that MCEBuddy is being directed to is the correct path. Whatever, Onward.

As long as I have you, one more question. MCEBuddy is consistently taking 45+ minutes to process a 60-minute show. Is this normal? Just curious.



I had wrong Profile (WTV Normal). Changed to WTV Unprocessed and total process went from 45 minutes to 13 mninutes. I am using HDHomerun for ttuners.

Thanks for your continued support.

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