Failed Conversion

I’ve been using MCEBuddy for many years and this is my first problem I havent been able to resolve.
My TV shows are no longer converting TS files into MP4 in their destination folder. Log attached, any help would be appreciated!
mcebuddy.log (332.6 KB)

I got it working… Uninstalled everything and started clean.

The problem was I was not using the built-in COMSKIP program. I have been using the purchased version stored in a different folder. I guess something must have changed to break it so I’ll just stick with the version that comes with MCE Buddy.

You can use a custom version of comskip, see this topic for installation instructions.

Keep in mind that the comskip ini file that ships with MCEBuddy is different from the one that comes with the donation version you purchased. You can combine the best of both worlds using the instructions above.

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