After Comskip failures, continue processing

Is there anyway to have MCEBuddy ignore Comskip failures and continue converting anyway?

I think this should be an option in future releases.

I get Comskip failed 50% of the time from one channel. It’s the channel’s fault. The video is good and can be converted from TS to MP4.

If there is an option already, I can’t find it.

I know with “download” information failures the video is still processed.

There’s a difference between Comskip failed and comskip found no commercials. Comskip failed is a critical error and should be reported at so they can investigate and fix it. If it finds no commercials, that’s ignored by MCEBuddy, as it’s normal operations. Failing isn’t a normal activity. Can you attach a log of one of the failures?

It’s completely failing and remaining a TS. MCEBuddy stops processing the files.

I will report comskip error over at esp since it is the donators versions.

I’ve attached a log.Bat Masterson.S03E04.The Rage of Princess Ann.ts-mp4-2017-07-30T15-09-39.2493016-04-00.log (256.4 KB)

I am glad to hear that normally MCEBuddy will continue on with normal operations.

It looks like I’ve had 6 failed Comskip errors where MCEBuddy stopped processing it in the past few weeks, different shows but same network

There’s your issue: Comskip can’t recognize the file

2017-07-30T15:11:09 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Comskip --> C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\working0\Bat Masterson.S03E04.The Rage of Princess Ann.ts: could not open video codec

Once Comskip fixes the bug we’ll update MCEBuddy. You can refer to this thread in your error report to Comskip so we can track it.