Looking to convert even if comskip does not work

So I have done some searching and played around but am having issues connecting the dots. I have found that often I am getting failures in conversions due to comskip. Other times it works swimmingly. I have upgraded to the donate version of comskip and that helped but still not perfect.

Anyway I would like to setup MCEBuddy somehow to get the source video converted to MP4 if comskip fails. I can’t seem to find a way to do that via settings. I was thinking it could be a two step conversion of some how but I can’t find a profile that just runs comskip. I read through trying to sort if I could create one myself or not and did not really figure that out.

I am converting .ts files recorded from digital cable by NextPVR using a cable card. I am running MCEBuddy 2.4.7

I suspect I am just not connecting the right dots. Hopefully somebody here can help.

1-Do I just work on tweaking the settings and/or change from comskip to show analyse?
2-Is there a way to still convert to MP4 even if comskip fails?
3-Is there a good way to do this in 2 parts?
4-Is there something else I should be doing instead?

Couple of things:

  1. MCEBuddy will not continue if Comskip “fails”, this is a critical error.
  2. There is a difference between commercials not found and failing, if commercials are not found that’s not an error, it will just continue. If Comskip is failing that means there an issue with Comskip which needs to be reported here:


You should keep the original TS file thats failing to provide to Erik (Comskip author).

Are you sure Comskip is failing? Can you attach the conversion logs?

Have you tried using ShowAnalyzer instead of Comskip in the interim if Comskip is failing?

Thank you. I will retry the conversions again and see if I can capture debug level logs so I can send them to the comskip team.