MCEBuddy 2.4.8 Not Advancing After Analyzing Video?

Hi, new user to MCEBuddy paid version here. So I have MCEBuddy set on a schedule to monitor a DVR folder from Emby. Emby records a live show, and then from the hours of 4 - 7 AM MCEBuddy scans the folder and removes commercials… 5 episodes of the same show recorded last night, and MCEBuddy did its thing and removed from episodes 1-4, and copied them into the proper destination folder. Episode 5 however, does not seem to advance pass 100% of Pass 2. The log file just gets bigger, and MCE doesn’t seem to do anything. Can anyone tell me what could have happened and why MCE buddy refuses to go to the next step of creating the new file?

Here is my log if it helps.

Attach your conversion log. Depends on which step is causing an issue. Commercial detection or conversion ?

This would have been commercial detection. I think I found the problem - comskip.exe was stuck running in the background (Maybe from a previous run?) and once I force closed it, it seemed to move on. Thank you for offering your assistance.

This seems to be happening over and over again. It will not pass the “Analyzing Video File step” now because ffmpeg seems to always be running and taking up 95% CPU, but not doing anything. If I force close it, it goes away and continues on. Is there any work around for this?

Upload a copy of your original source video and the conversion log to our server to analyze.

Think I figured this one out again… so FFMPEG was actually running, it was just VERY VERY SLOW. I had to uncheck an option to optimize audio and video quality that was auto setup by the MP4 Normal Profile, and now files are converting and not getting stuck on that step. It does take about 45 minutes to convert a 30 minute file, but at least it is working. Thank you for offering assistance - if I notice it get stuck again I’ll upload the video and the log.