Don't run comskip but remove commercials

just getting started so go easy on me.

I have comskip running with nextpvr as i just watch the rather large ts files on my media player and it works great. However I would like to take a few files on the go sometimes and want to use mcebuddy to convert them to mp4. Since comskip has already done it’s thing can I just instruct mcebuddy to use the already existing txt, edl etc files?

I would like to start the conversion after all shows have been recorded, say after 11 PM but don’t want to rerun comskip.

is this possible?

With the latest 2.4.9 builds there is an option to only use exiting ad markers in the commercial removal drop down list. When selected and if MCEBuddy finds a EDL file with the same filename as the original video along side the video it will use that to cut the commercials our. If the file doesn’t exist it’ll skip the cutting.

I think that’s what you’re looking for.

Same goes for other files like SRT etc, if it finds them it’ll use them.

Yes that is it, since mcebuddy has its own custom doner version of comskip can the mce build of comskip be used independently of mcebuddy? Replacing my current free version i’m Using today with nextpvr.

Correct to assume mce comskip will have all benefits as the official doner version of comskip and I would not be required to purchase that separately?

MCEBuddy will use any EDL file provided (doesn’t matter where it came from, Comskip, ShowAnalyzer, Custom Cuts, manually created etc). As long as the EDL file is valid it will use it to cut the commercials out.

Unless MCEBuddy is running Comskip to detect commercial it doesn’t matter what version you’re using. Comskip is only used to detect/mark the commercial points. The rest is done by MCEBuddy.

In your case it sounds like you’re using a third party program to run Comskip and generate the EDL file and then pass it to MCEBuddy. So it wouldn’t matter what version of Comskip you’re using with the third party program. You can technically take the donater version of Comskip included with MCEBuddy and put it into your third party program.

Yes was thinking of pointing my script to the included mcebuddy version of comskip and then let mcebuddy convert the files once all shows are recorded for the day.

I just want to confirm the version of comskip included with mcebuddy is no different in functionality than the doner version from and has faster rendering.

Also does the closed caption dictionary work? it does not work on the latest free version of comskip 82_003

You can find more details about the included version here:

So are you saying to use the included comskip or the donator one?