Comskip only. No conversion. No Remuxing. No updating timestamp on existing files

All i want is MCE Buddy to create edl files. I don’t want my source WTV files altered in any way. Is this possible? I setup a task for profile “WTV Unprocessed”, desintation blank, ad remover “Yes (Comskip)”, only detect ads checked. File name match “*.wtv”. However, it seems that it is updating the timestamp of the original file, and it is doing some sort of re-muxing? I am using MCE Buddy 2.4 Beta 8.



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Open a feature request to add the ability to detect ads without converting.

Sounds good. I have put in a feature request. In the meantime I have created two batch files that will be scheduled to run every night. I put both of these in C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\comskip

I then invoke the removecommercials.cmd at 2am every night via scheduler. Here is the code for each batch file (in case someone else has same issue).

==removecommercials.cmd ====
echo %~dp0
forfiles /s /p “d:\recorded tv” /m *.wtv /c “cmd /c “”%~dp0removecommercial.cmd” @FILE""

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set sfilename=%1
set sfilenameedl=!sfilename:.wtv=.edl!
if exist %sfilenameedl% goto exit
"%~dp0comskip.exe" %1



I just realized this feature already exists. See the screenshots below on how to have MCEBuddy run Comskip without converting a file.

  1. Leave the destination folder blank
  2. Check Rename and sort by video information
  3. Check Rename without converting
  4. Check Enable custom file renaming
  5. Enter `%originalfilename% in the custom renaming box
  6. Select Yes (Comskip) from Ad remover options (it should automatically check Only detect Ads)
  7. Click on Expert Settings
  8. Make sure all options are unchecked
  9. Check the option to Skip copying original files

This will cause MCEBuddy to run Comskip and save the EDL file along with the original file (but do note that it will “rename” the fileback to it’s original name (no way to avoid that right now).

@Goose I know this is old, but been trying to follow along your steps to just use MCEBuddy/comskip only to create an edl file. It is not creating the EDL, just running comskip and that is it.

Can you explain what is needed to just create a comskip EDL so that Kodi can see the file.

Attach your conversion log so we can see what’s going on. Mostly likely it didn’t find any ads so there’s no EDL

Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree.S04E05.mkv-No Conv-2018-11-14T22-13-58.8595175-05-00.log (321.7 KB)
From what I can tell, the conversion started with a working directory under C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\Working0
It did the logo.txt file and I did briefly see the edl, but then went away. It never copied the edl to where the video file is at.

@Goose nevermind, got it figured out. When you ask for conv log, I started reading line by line of that log. Found could not write .edl file to network share, permission there. I fixed that and is now working.

Thank you, I am now happy :grin:

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