Creates XML file instead of removing comercial

At some point MCEbuddy stopped removing commercials from my shows and started creating an XML file. Within the XML it has the start and stop times of the commercial breaks so it is running comskip. I do not have the only detect ads box clicked.

Attach your conversion log

my log files are coming up empty with no text. The file is created but nothing is inside

Mexico One Plate at a Time.S11E08.The Splendor of Yucatáns Enchanting Markets.ts-PVR1-2018-07-15T16-42-01.5286074-07-00.log (131.9 KB)
sorry logging level wasn’t high enough. disregard the last message

You cancelled the conversion process, attach a complete log.

ERROR> 2018-07-15T16:42:53 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Base → Job cancelled, killing process

And it looks like you’re using a custom Comskip version so its likely your comskip.ini configuration is creating your XML file instead of removing the commercials.

I was under the impression that comskip couldn’t delete part of the recording thats where MCEbuddy comes in

Comskip doesn’t delete anything. Comskip identifies the commercial makers which is then used by MCEBuddy to cut the video and re assemble the pieces.

Comskip has its own configuration file (Comskip.ini) which tells Comskip what to do. It looks like in that file the setting to generate an XML file is enabled and possibly the option to generate the EDL file is disabled. MCEBuddy uses the EDL file to do its job and if it find an XML file it copies it over to the destination folder.

You can go in and check/fix your custom Comskip.ini file or use the default Comskip and INI file that ships with MCEBuddy