Create a VPrj file with Comskip


Comskip allows the creation of VPrj files so chapter cuts can be viewed in Videoredo for manual deletion of marked adverts. I cannot seem to get this to work in MCEbuddy using comskip although I use my comskip .ini file in MCEBuddy.

Why did you disable the option to generate EDL files in your Comskip.ini file? You can have both enabled, VPRJ and EDL, at the same time.

MCEBuddy can process VPRJ files and converts them to EDL but only if they are present at the beginning of the conversion.

Why would I keep it? Videoredo cannot read EDL files. I have noticed that Comskip creates the Vprj file however MCEbuddy deletes it when cleaning up the folder leaving only the EDL file I cannot use.

That’s correct, it only copies the EDL files to the output folder since most programs only use EDL files.
Having said that, since the VPRJ file is created by your custom comskip.ini when MCEBuddy runs it, have you tried adding a simple CustomCommand to copy the VPRJ file from the working folder to your destination folder?

Something like this:

CustomCommandParameters="/c copy /y "%workingpath%\%originalfilename%.vprj" "%destinationpath%\%convertedfilename%.vprj""

Interesting solution, unfortunately the .vprj file that is created by the custom comskip ini contains the location details of the file for editing which would break that link if it were moved. Ideally I would like MCEBuddy to not cleanup any files. I have contacted the developers at Videoredo who think it won’t be a big problem to import edl files as file editing projects so that maybe the way forward.

Not sure what you mean by clean up any files. MCEBuddy only cleans up files in the temporary working folder.

It doesn’t touch any other files unless you’ve selected Delete Original Files on successful conversion in your monitor task.