HW Acceleration for Comskip?

I’ve been messing around with Comskip on the command line - after some experimentation, it looks like the --hwassist and --dxva2 seem to speed up comskip pretty dramatically. Does MCEBuddy do that optimization as well? Is there an ability to add that in the profiles?

Thanks! Will.

Good question, in our testing with intel cards it found it to be inconsistent hence we didn’t auto enable it but it can be done.

What’s your setup like? Can you test with and without the dxva because that‘s a particularly tricky option which we found slows down decoding on older GPU’s.

I’ve got a pretty beefy machine – 10 physical cores, RTX 2080 Super, 64 gigs of ram.

I found that using the dxva2 was the fastest, followed by –cuvid (~10% slower). I didn’t try vdpau.

If I didn’t specify a dxva or any of the other switches, it was roughly ~60% slower using just the –hwassist

Thanks for looking at this! Will.

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Have you tried settings the hardware_decode option in comskip.ini?

hardware_decode=0 ; Set to 1 to enable hardware accelerated video decoding, only available in donator version

You can use the Comkip INI Editor, under the CPU Load Reduction tab, included in the comskip folder to do it using a GUI interface.

I have tried that – I found that when I do so, I get audio sync errors. I’m not sure how that happens, but when I uncheck it, they go away. Oddly enough, if I jump forward or back in Plex, the audio resyncs, but I don’t see that behavior
when I don’t have the HW Acceleration box checked…

IIRC, I saw something about that in the comskip forums.

Thanks! Will.

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Separately, can you tell me what the behavior is when MCEBuddy finds an EDL file for a given recording and comskip is selected? Does it ignore that EDL file, or does it just use it instead of running comskip again? Thanks!

It’ll use the EDL (or EDLP or any other recognized commercial markers like in PlayOn) it finds before it detects a commercial using comskip or showanalyzer

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Thanks! Will.

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Is there any way to have MCE Buddy invoke the donators comskip using the --cuvid?
I have a very old Core2 quad with a 1050TI that I would like to see how/if I can gain any hw acceleration using the gpu vs the cpu. I just enabled the -U for my MP4 profile. But comskip is still a dog with me having enabled the accelerate using the ini editor.

also, I assume you can’t change the ini in the main C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\comskip folder only wherever you saved the donators file? every time I try it in C:\Program Files\MCEBuddy2x\comskip it says access denied…I assume b/c that version is not the donators version.

Thanks in Advance!

in experimenting with manually invoking comskip from the command line with the HW and CUVID flags in place, you do get a big boost in processing time, but I ran into audio sync issues. This is mentioned in Comskip’s forums.

So I watched things run last night and it appears that Mp4 normal and Fast both are using ffmpeg, Fine… but I recall that ffmpeg cannot use HWaccelleration, correct? Should I edit my profile to use handbrake instead? I guess I can…just have to make sure I save a tv recording for testing purposes. I appreciate any insight on what I can do to HW accelerate the donators version of comskip- for sure HW accelerate is not working right now with me pointing to the donators version within MCEBuddy and editing the ini file of the donators version. Do I need to copy over my donators version into the program files mce folder?

The newer versions of FFMpeg are HW aware (they include the NVENC stuff) - I think it’s 3.x and later. MCEBuddy includes those versions.

In MCEBuddy, it’s possible to point it to a different Comskip folder, so you don’t have to replace the existing comskip installation. It’s under Settings -> System Settings

Good luck! Will.

I guess we have to wait for Goose to chime in about comskip and hwacceleration…
I know I’ve configured it all the right way within MCEBuddy and the donators comskip ini…I don’t think MCEBuddy calls the comskip.exe with any extra “–features to be used” so it’s hard to tell if any hwaccelerate was used last night. I will have to look tonight when I have more time to poke around in the logs.

Well, in poking around comskip, I see that Erik admitted, in several spots actually, that windows hw acceleration performance did not deliver results people were expecting…adding to that is the whole lack of win7 or 8 support now due to him changing computers and building on a win10 machine…there’s been no updates to win7/8 now for several years. Hopefully Ryan gets this figured out with Erik

I guess I have to live with what I have, but I have 160 shows in queue to convert and the list grows…would love to find a way to speed things up without dropping $800 on new hardware just to watch TV…