HW Acceleration for Comskip?

I’ve been messing around with Comskip on the command line - after some experimentation, it looks like the --hwassist and --dxva2 seem to speed up comskip pretty dramatically. Does MCEBuddy do that optimization as well? Is there an ability to add that in the profiles?

Thanks! Will.

Good question, in our testing with intel cards it found it to be inconsistent hence we didn’t auto enable it but it can be done.

What’s your setup like? Can you test with and without the dxva because that‘s a particularly tricky option which we found slows down decoding on older GPU’s.

I’ve got a pretty beefy machine – 10 physical cores, RTX 2080 Super, 64 gigs of ram.

I found that using the dxva2 was the fastest, followed by –cuvid (~10% slower). I didn’t try vdpau.

If I didn’t specify a dxva or any of the other switches, it was roughly ~60% slower using just the –hwassist

Thanks for looking at this! Will.

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