Comskip donator version

Does anyone have any idea if by donating for Comskip version here will you get another more complete version? or there is no difference between downloaded one and donator one?

Thank you!

The donator version that comes with MCEBuddy is quite old (version 0.82.003 from 2017-09-30). The current donator version is 0.82.012 from 2022-02-25. The notable thing the more current Comskip donator version has is a newer embedded FFMPEG v4.3, and supports 4k and 10bit video processing. Donator version is what gets you mpeg4 video processing.

However it doesn’t really need to have all kinds of modern codec support, because most input DVR video formats are MP2 or MP4 anyway and almost all transcoding will start with a conversion to MP2 before MCEBuddy triggers comskip. The hardware CPU/GPU support comes from the embedded FFMPEG baked into comskip.

The summary is yes, it will speed up the ad detection step, but overall, ad detection is only a really small part of the overall transcoding process.

In the end, it’s a personal decision for you. Would you benefit? Sure. Are you missing out or taking a huge performance hit if you don’t? Not really.

A couple of updates, we have a new donator version of Comskip in the works. It’s built against ffmpeg 6.1.1 and has support for many more codecs including native HEVC and AV1 decoding with a custom av1 decoder for maximum performance. The advantage (when released) will be MCEBuddy will no longer have to remux to MP2 which will improve the conversion speed as well as end quality. We’re also testing native hardware decoding for hevc and av1 for comskip with that build but there are some challenges related to stability so we’re testing the trade off between hardware decoding performance vs stability. We may possibly provide an option for users to enable/disable hardware decoding.

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That is some excellent and welcome news to hear!

Comskip is really only about decoding, and since the codecs are intentionally designed to be decoded fast, and with CPU-only availability (no dependency on GPU or even iGPU), I totally understand the stability and testing across all the generations of both CPUs and GPUs by multiple manufacturers (Intel and AMD notably, and adding in nVidia for GPUs). Not to mention motherboards and all the interplay between media storage, memory, CPU cache, and I/O busses (north/south bridges).

It’s not trivial, so I appreciate all the work that goes into a release, and don’t worry about trying to rush it.