Extracting and embedding subtitles and chapters

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This good feedback, so perhaps the way Extract subtitles and closed captions work should change.

We are thinking, let MCEBuddy always process/extract all subtitles/closed/captions (and in near future chapters) by default.

  • If the user selects Add subtitles, then it will embed them in the converted file.
  • If the user selects Extract subtitles and closed captions then it’ll create Subtitle files in the destination folder

This way the user can select either one or both options without having to worry about “extracting” them the way you described it above. Would that be more intuitive?

Sorry for not posting an update sooner… Extract Subtitles is making them available as an external file, and Plex is picking the up and displaying them when I specifically request it (via the app). The TV settings does not, because I think the source needs to be selected in the Plex app. I haven’t tried re-embedding them yet. I’m currently tweaking settings on a delay issue.

I guess I should really test on a short 5 minute or so show and not 30-90 minutes shows :slight_smile: So, I’m still playing with the settings.

I think the best default (if formats support it), is if the input has closed captions, the output should have closed captions. The external file is ok, but doesn’t seem to let the TV make the decision on displaying the captions. I don’t see any downside to this being the default as it’s hidden unless requested.

Options for an external file (for searching, other processing) and open captions (added to video view) can be helpful for special cases. I’m just looking to cut most commercials and “just work” :slight_smile:

BTW… I’m using a HDHR tuner → NextPVR → MceBuddy → Plex. Viewing is typically via Roku TVs, but sometimes browser and phone. Don’t really care much about quality (my vision isn’t the best!) and I don’t retain many shows. Once I watch them, I delete them (but still have a low priority backlog I’ll never catch up!)


It needs to be simpler I agree. There is a lot of confusion in the UI right now. You almost want to make the assumption that if it’s in the source file you want it in the destination file when it comes to subtitles/cc and chapters. So, if it had embedded subtitles to begin with then most likely you expect to end with embedded subtitles. Same with chapters. That might mean combining all of those settings under a top level dropdown
Extract and re-embed if source file has embedded
Extract and create external file (SRT) if source file has embedded
Embed if external file is provided with source
Do not include embedded or external subtitle(s)

Then have the other Subtitle/CC options available depending on what was selected.

Similar for chapters.

I hope for a UI redesign someday where I don’t have to make so many clicks to make a simple setting change. Especially when I want to make it across the 9 profiles I have. Maybe tabs
General | Filters | Audio/Video | Subtitles/Chapters | Metadata | Misc

We’ve redone the Subtitle extraction, saving and embedding. It’s much simpler now but still retains the flexibility to retain fine grained control.

MCEBuddy will now only present 2 options to the user:
Save subtitles → MCEBuddy will keep a copy of the subtitle file along with the converted file (whether extracted from the file itself or picked up along with the source file, if it’s picked up with the source file then MCEBuddy won’t try to extract any embedded subtitles from the source)
Embed subtitles → MCEBuddy will embed all the subtitles files into the converted file, that were extracted from the source file or picked up along with the source file

It support multiple subtitle files. We’ll be adding support for more types of subtitle files in the future (currently limited to .SRT and VobSub if you have the OCR plugin installed).

Both these options are now enabled by default (earlier it wasn’t because some older devices would have trouble playing them, most of those devices are now retired).

Try out the latest 2.6.2 beta