Embedded (VobSub) not in output

I have an mp4 were the forced subtitles are embedded in VobSub format but also has an external SRT file. The SRT is brought over find but the VobSub isn’t extracted even though I installed the tessdata.

Log and files have been uploaded.

Probably because there’s already an SRT file along with the source video so MCEBuddy will use that and won’t try to extract anything.

INFORMATION> 2021-06-11T22:06:30 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob → Found existing SRT file \NAS\Video\Temp\MCEBuddy\In\Default\MKV-Stream\Bright (2017).eng.srt with language eng and saved it

If you remove the source SRT it’ll try to extract any embedded closed caption. This is a fail safe option so that folks can provide their own SRT files instead of having MCEBuddy extract it from the file and then embed the provided file into the final (converted) file.

Ahh…well I guess that makes sense.

Removed external SRT and reprocessed. Still doesn’t seem to extract it.
Bright (2017).mp4-HEVC-MKV-00-Default-Stream-2021-06-15T16-45-00.log (5.1 MB)

It can’t find any dvb image subtitles. If you can upload the original video to our server I can take a look at it: Welcome to MCEBuddy - README BEFORE POSTING

It should be there already.

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That’s so strange. VLC played it for me.


Thanks, yeah I got that. It looks like ccextractor isnt’ able to process it correctly. Looking into it.

Sorry, was confused by what you said. lol
Appreciate you taking a look.