Add support for extracting image subtitles from MKV containers

This time I know there are subtitles in my MKV file. I used MakeMKV to turn a DVD into an MKV for Emby and there were about 7 subtitle files which I left in to test MCEBuddy. I then ran it through MCEBuddy to encode it to MPEG4 and extract the subs. I can see it is extracting all the subtitles watching the status bar but when MCEBuddy is done with the conversion there is only one SRT file in the directory with the new MKV file and it is the English one.

You can access the subtitles in the unprocessed MKV file but once I convert it to MPEG4 the subtitles are gone and I have only the one English SRT file. These are vobsub subtitles.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m getting very frustrated.

Thank You

Can you attach the conversion log

Here’s the log

Thanks, I see what’s going on. Your MKV file has 8 VOB (image) subtitle and one SRT (text) subtitles. MCEBuddy currently only supports extracting VOB (image) subtitles from TS file and it converts them into a SRT (text) using OCR.

Can you upload your original MKV file here so we can replicate it and add it as a feature enhancement.

I can’t upload the file you want and include a text file that points to the discussion thread because this thread has disappeared from the forums Goose so I don’t know what to do.

I moved the topic to the feature request sub forum. You can grab the new link from the URL or here it is: [FEATURE] Add support for extracting image subtitles from MKV containers