Can I reprocess my MKV files through MCEBuddy to just extract the Subtitles?

It appears Emby does not like Closed Captions and although all my recorded movies have subtitles they don’t show so I have to extract them. I do have quite a large number of archived TS files I haven’t deleted yet so I assume can just pull the closed captions out and create subtitle files. If MCEBuddy can do this I just need to know how so I can queue up what I have archived and at least get the subs out of them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Can’t you use filebot to search for subtitles for those movies?

I don’t want to deal with sync issues and I want the subtitles that are with my recordings, most have 4 different subtitles. Also if the subtitle is in the movie I recorded then even after editing it will be in sync. I edit the TS files directly and they are indexed upon editing. Plus I record a lot of movies from TCM and I like the intros by the hosts and that also throws off the sync of subtitles not recorded with the movie because it can make the movie 3-10 minutes longer with half or more before the movie.

I did some testing and yes I can run the files through MCEBuddy again using the MKV unprocessed profile and extract, convert, and reinsert the subtitles. The only problem I had was no matter what I did one file would not queue up.

The only problem now is most of the subtitles are undefined for language so I decided to just extract the subtitles and then use MKVToolNix to reinsert them into the MKV with the proper language tag on the subs as I move them to their final folder for Emby.