Extract subtitles stored as Teletext


Does MCEbuddy supports extraction of subtitles which are stored as Teletext (Europe)?
I have tried with a WTV files which has the subtitles stored in three different languages. The box extract subtitles was ticked, but no SRT file(s) was created. Is it a bug or is this type of files not supported?


Have you seen this topic?


I tried this, but still no SRT file is created.


Can you upload a copy of your WTV file to our server for analysis. You can find the instructions to upload in the read me before posting topic.


I have uploaded the log and the WTV file to BjornHj.

There were some error messages in the end of the transfer of the WTV file, but it seems that it was uploaded. The size seems to be ok.

If it’s corrupt, please let me know so I can make a new try…



Skickades från E-post för Windows 10


How is it going with this one?

I have searched all over Internet for a player/etc that can handle this type of file.
There are several programs that can play WTV but none can handle subtitles in Teletext format.

I am rather disappointed with Microsoft that they have not supported full backward compatibility in Windows 10.

So the only thing to do now is to stay in Windows 8.1 as long it’s necessary with full support for playing WTV files.


Working on it, this is going to take time as WTV is a closed format

There are updated instructions with new OCT files to download (discard the old ones):