Missing Closed-Captions .wtv conversion

I am using MCEBuddy 2.5.3-BETA to strip Windows Media Center .wtv files of all commercials. No other operations are needed- just take the commercials out. I then play the commercial-free file on Windows Media Center (Windows 8.1.)

I am finding that while closed captions are shown when playing the unprocessed .wtv file, they are missing in the converted file. I have tried all 3 WTV profiles (WTV, WTV Legacy, and WTV Unprocessed) with same result. In Expert Settings->Subtitles and Chapters, I have both checked, or unchecked, the Add Subtitles and/or add Chapter boxes. Additionally, I tried using MCEBuddy 2.5.2 without success.

I originally posted this dilemma in the Platform Support->Windows Media Center section. I only had 1 response, which did not resolve the issue. So I am posting to this section hoping that someone who uses MCEBuddy to strictly remove commercials can advise on what setting(s) that I have wrong. Again, closed captions ARE visible in the unprocessed .wtv file.

Thanks in advance.

WTV files need special ways to embed closed captions which is a feature in the pipeline. MCEBuddy however can extract the certain types of closed captions and DVB subtitles from WTV files. Once extracted you can use a player like VLC to play it back and display the subtitles from the external file.

WMC codecs don’t support using external subtitle files but you can see this topic on how get WMC to play external SRT files. AVI files in WMC with idx/sub subtitles - Windows 7 Help Forums