Captioning and .WTV files

I use WMC 8.1 to record a show (using WTV format, of course).When playing back a show, closed captions appear a few seconds after I turn mute ON with WMC.

But if I try to use MCEBuddy and Comskip to remove commercials, the captions do NOT appear when muted. I have checked (turned ON) the Subtitles->Exact subtitles and captions. No captions appear. I have used all 3 WTV profiles with the same results.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

I was not very clear above. In short, how do I get captioning to work with MceBuddy and WTV files? I have tried all 3 profiles as well as checked/unchecking various boxes. I assume I am missing something. Can anyone advise me how to set up?

What container are you converting to?

Thanks for your reply. Sorry I do not know what a container is. Closed captions works fine on the Windows Media Center recording (.wtv file) before MceBuddy removes commercials. The commercial stripped file does not have CC. Add Subtitles and Add Chapter boxes are checked under Expert settings. I have tried all 3 WTV profiles

Are you converting the file to MP4? to MKV? They are media containers - depending on what you’re converting to, subtitle support is limited.

Not converting- just removing commercials. Using the WTV profile. I have tried all 3 (WTV, WTV Legacy, and WTV Uncompressed).