Subtitles vs Closed Captions

I have been having trouble with ComSkip on a particular show (that has no Closed Captions), so my thought was to add subtitles as another way of separating commercials from show.

I downloaded the SRT file, applied it by using MCEBuddy and ended with an MP4 that has the correct subtitles.

I reran the new file with ComSkip, and I have just come to the realization that Closed Captions (which ComSkip uses) are completely different from Subtitles (which MCEBuddy applies).

Can I assume correctly that MCEBuddy cannot create closed captions for a video file?
And, although I did a pretty extensive search … I can’t seem to find a utility that adds Closed Captions. Anyone have any clue on how I could apply my SRT file as a closed caption?


You’re correct, teletext, closed captions and subtitles are all different formats.

MCEBuddy can read closed captions, teletext and subtitles and save them all as subtitles, embedded directly into the container if the format supports them (MKV or MP4 etc) and/or save them a SRT file.

It cannot write closed captions or teletext.