No subtitles after converting .ts file to HEVC MP4

I confirmed subtitles work in .ts file.
NCIS New Orleans (2014) - S03E20 - NOLA Confidential.ts-Convert to MP4-2022-06-15T11-01-54.log (931.7 KB)
The converted file shows no subtitles available. I an running on a Intel i7 12700k . I don’t see what I’m doing wrong and could use some help. Thanks.

You haven’t enabled subtitle/closed caption extraction in your Conversion Task settings

Closed Captions →

This may need to be updated. I don’t see a “closed caption” entry under Conversion Tasks. There is an “extract subtitles and closed captions” option, but I don’t want them extracted, I want them retained.

Due to the way MCEBuddy processes the files you need to extract them and then put them back in. So, you have to Enable “Extract subtitles and closed captions” under subtitles. This creates a SRT file. And if you leave it like that the srt file will follow to the final conversion location and most players recognize that there is an srt file and will enable playback with the subtitles. But if you want to re-embed the subtitles you’ll need to go to Expert Settings and enable “Add subtitles” under the Subtitles and Chapters section.

It is a little confusing but when MCEBuddy starts a conversion is creates a working copy of the video file which strips out subtitles and chapters. Basically leaving only the video and audio tracks. This is the step labeled “Remux to MPEGTS or Copy source file to temp” in the process MCEBuddy - Conversion Process Overview

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